Chetan has been working with CA for some time. He is an incremental member of our team as our main developer. His passion for what he does transcends his work and is witnessed by every team member and client of CA.


Amanda Parker

President, Collective Alternative

Chetan Prajapati works professionally, quickly and cleanly. He is very friendly and reliable. The cooperation was good fun and was very successful.


Katja Böhm

Freelancer Photographer, Katja Böhm

Chetan was extremely easy to work with and willing to make all and any changes I requested. He is friendly and very good at what he does. he built my salon website and everything is perfect. Chetan although far away, feels like a part of our team from working with him over just the short time together. He is fast, efficient and really went above and beyond for me on this job. We will definitely be working together again. I highly recommend Chetan.


Lexi Lomex

Owner, Ooh La La Salon

If I could I would give 6 stars to Chetan Prajapati, and I do not think I have ever given 5 star scores across the board on anything I have ever reviewed. He was amazingly knowledgeable, lightning fast at completing every milestone before our deadline, and extremely reachable and easy to communicate with over several mediums. He went so far beyond my expectations that I am kicking myself for not trying UpWork previously. Also, I have to say, he just seems like a really good person. I work with non-profits and he completely resonated with their mission and did his work with the same honor I give to their work. If you need someone for excellent, fast WordPress development – look no further.


Lance Laytner

Business Owner, Public Good Relations

I would like to acknowledge and thank my good friend Chetan for working with us for months now to save the lives of real people in need. In most cases without pay as he simply refuses and won’t hear of it. He has even brought his own friends to help here and there when I have asked and they without this knowledge just being involved in our good work and with a heart of gold like his refuse compensation as well.

This is just really special in life. How lucky we are. I hope this qualifies as a professional recommendation. He does need to eat like the rest of us. If you know anyone who could use a WordPress developer for your project kindly let us know so we can return some favors and get him working.

He is exceptional. In my 20 years, and even in the Fortune 100 space being on projects where IT talent was flown in I have not met anyone to his caliber.


Ron Bercume

Rare / Orphan Disease Advocate, HSAWARENESS.ORG